Scheduling Wizard

Using the Scheduling Wizard to Make Client Appointments

1. From the Calendar page of the Members Corner, click on the Scheduling Wizard tab.



2. Fill in the client’s location and (if appropriate) the Business Status, Specific Mentor Skill that was requested, or Specific Mentor requested. You’ll instantly see a list of appointment times that meet your criteria.


3. If there are few or no suggested appointment times, try changing or removing the Specific Mentor Skill. For some skills, we have very few members with that skill. 4. If you checked “off-site”, you’ll need to contact one of the listed off-site counselors. Otherwise, Select the date or combination of mentors that fit the needs of the client and continue with the next step. 5. After selecting an available appointment slot, complete the popup appointment box:


  • First, click the Add Appointment button to get a new empty line for you to fill in.
  • A full morning will have a 9 AM and a 10:30 AM appointment (9:30 and 11:00 am for non-Fairless Hills sites) .
  • Accurately fill in the client’s name, phone number, and email address.
  • Specify the counselor(s) if known. Empty means “whoever is assigned.”
  • (Obsolete) Check 641 if you know that a 641 has been created.
  • Briefly summarize the client’s needs in the Information box. 
  • Press Save to save the appointment in the database.